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3 July 2012

TYPO San Francisco 2012 Connect: The first TYPO in America

TYPO San Francisco 2012 took place in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) April 5–6, centering around the theme Connect. The FontShop San Francisco team thoroughly enjoyed organizing this amazing conference. This video recaps how much fun we had with the fantastic speakers and attendees from all over the world.

Next up is TYPO London 2012 Social, 19th & 20th October 2012 
TYPO San Francisco 2013 in April 11 & 12, 2013
and again TYPO Berlin 2013 in May 16 – 18.
We hope to see you again!

8 June 2012

Khoi Vinh: The Creativity Opportunity

A unique confluence of technology, economics and societal trends has changed the game for designers who yearn to be entrepreneurs. Now more than ever design is the difference-maker in solving problems, and now more than ever it’s possible to create the kinds of businesses only designers can dream up. In this talk, designer, entrepreneur, author and former New York Times design director Khoi Vinh explores the trends that led him to cofound Mixel, the creative network for people who don’t think of themselves as artists.

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