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8 August 2012

The highlights of TYPO Berlin 2012 sustain

TYPO Berlin 2012 was dedicated to the theme “sustain” and the various aspects of sustainability. Not only the responsability of designers to the environment have been an issue but also their empowerment through e.g. spreading information. Very different ideas and approaches inspired the audiences. There have also been a series of workshops where participants could educate themselves or train their creativity.

19 May 2012

Matthew Butterick: Reversing the Tide of Declining Expectations

The migration of print media to electronic media is accelerating. But many electronic publishers are ignoring typography, creating a dangerous precedent for the future. Matthew Butterick will examine why the historically friendly relationship between typography and the technology industry has crumbled. He will also explain how writers, designers, and readers must take a greater role in preventing typography from being washed away by the tide of declining expectations.

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