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22 July 2013

TYPO Berlin 2013 Printing Workshop

For TYPO Berlin 2013 Erik Spiekermann, Axel Nagel, Thomas Maier and Ferdinand Ulrich organized a printing press, wood type letters and stamps to print posters and t-shirts with the attendees. Thanks to Opposition Studios for making this video.

8 August 2012

The highlights of TYPO Berlin 2012 sustain

TYPO Berlin 2012 was dedicated to the theme “sustain” and the various aspects of sustainability. Not only the responsability of designers to the environment have been an issue but also their empowerment through e.g. spreading information. Very different ideas and approaches inspired the audiences. There have also been a series of workshops where participants could educate themselves or train their creativity.

3 July 2012

TYPO San Francisco 2012 Connect: The first TYPO in America

TYPO San Francisco 2012 took place in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) April 5–6, centering around the theme Connect. The FontShop San Francisco team thoroughly enjoyed organizing this amazing conference. This video recaps how much fun we had with the fantastic speakers and attendees from all over the world.

Next up is TYPO London 2012 Social, 19th & 20th October 2012 
TYPO San Francisco 2013 in April 11 & 12, 2013
and again TYPO Berlin 2013 in May 16 – 18.
We hope to see you again!

8 March 2012

TYPO London 2011 – the place to be

The first TYPO conference in London was a big success. We had great speakers and a huge feedback in lots of magazines and blogs. Now we’re looking forward to the upcomming TYPO conferences in San Francisco “Connect”, in Berlin “sustain” and then back to UK the “TYPO London 2012 Authenticity” again at the University of London.

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