Workshop Responsive Typography: Performance, Proportion & Polish on Every Device

Typography is the single most present element of your design when screen size changes, and has the greatest influence on readability and retention. Learn how to use web fonts to amplify the message and voice of your design without sacrificing performance, how to scale your typography based on screen size, and how little details layered together make a good experience become a great one.

This workshop will cover a number of topics, with exercises to work through each one. We’ll work through how to implement web fonts properly for best performance and progressive enhancement, whether self-hosting fonts or using a service. We’ll also look at how screen size impacts typographic scale, with sample code that includes a modular scale to start with. Finally we’ll cover a number of ideas to leverage such as OpenType Features, CSS equivalents of typographic techniques, and troubleshooting tips.

Calligraphy workshop

Character is not innate – it is shaped. Character also means a letter of the alphabet. This workshop will provide an opportunity, working with a variety of broad-nib writing utensils, to draw the letters collected in the alphabet with lots of character.



Medieval detail in contemporary display typography

Eike Dingler’s Pattern Project is a family of ornamental display typefaces inspired by the incredible richness of detail in medieval initials, transforming it into a contemporary form. The Pattern Project also includes an app allowing users to create their own patterns and generate simple fonts.

This presentation covers programming typefaces (as an alternative to drawing them), the interplay of design and programming, working on sideline projects (and how they get out of hand) during longer dry spells, the complexity of a generative type family, and the beauty of hand-drawn things. The talk is richly illustrated – with patterns, letters, and pattern letters.

Smart responsive design patterns & front-end techniques

In this 2h workshop, Vitaly Friedman, editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine, will present practical techniques, clever tricks and useful strategies you need to be aware of when working on any responsive design project. Vitaly will introduce problems and front-end challenges for dealing with common problems, and attendees will be assigned small tasks so they can experiment and work on solutions. This will be involve a mixture of both individual and group work. There will be time allocated to discussions, so we can make sure that everyone understands how they can apply what they’ve learned to their specific working environments.


Workshop: The true cyrillic K?

To be a true Russian, it is not necessary to have borsch for every lunch and pelmeni for every dinner. We just eat what we like. To design true Cyrillic, it is not necessary to draw the specific Cyrillic K. We just do it the way it should be.

Gayaneh is going to break the most common stereotype of Cyrillic — the intention to design “the true Cyrillic K”, which always gives foreigners away.

The participants may use font editors or sketch by hand.


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