Bulgarian Cyrillic: Identity in progress

Bulgarian Cyrillic is the most recent development in the Cyrillic script, dated around the middle of the 20th century. It defers from the Russian model mainly with the change of the construction of the lower-case letters, where the shapes are not based on the capitals but are defined by the logic of the handwriting. It is like a bridge between Latin and Russian Cyrillic.

The presentation explains the logic and differences in Bulgarian Cyrillic by comparing it with the Russian model and extends to how those differences reflects on typography by changing the overall perception of a text, its mass, legibility and information density.

Stop Motion Typography Workshop

Stop Motion Typography is a workshop combining typography with stop motion animation technique to produce experimental and conceptual type animations. The workshop is aimed for students and designers to experience very important steps of creativity by focusing on brainstorming, collaboration, appraising resources, foresighting and getting a result.

The workshop is basically revaluating the daily objects by building a bridge between three dimensional forms, typography and the meaning. Participants are expected to bring at least 10 small daily objects, smart phone or camera, tripod and large colored paper with them.

Barış Atiker has completed several workshops in Poland and Turkey and you may want to look sample projects via www.facebook.com/groups/stopmotiontypography.

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