Calligraphic Letter Abstraction

Der „Calligraphic Letter Abstraction“-Workshop vermittelt Einsichten in die Methode der typografischen Abstraktion des Schriftkünstlers Drury Brennan – mit Live-Demo und Fragerunde. Lernen Sie, sich alten Formen zu nähern. Genießen Sie die Zerstörung und Rekonstruktion Ihres Lieblingsbuchstabens. Stellen Sie sich darauf ein, Spaß zu haben – und schöne Fehler zu machen.

Embrace the oxymoron

I will share some anecdotes, examples and insights I have learned along the way about designing for a global audience in a local context (e.g. Tourists at MoMA in New York), or a local audience within a global context (e.g. local sellers on Etsy as a global marketplace).

Code – fad or future?

The notion that graphic designers should learn to code is all the rage. Seeing through the hype, is it just the latest fad, or does it hold any real value?

Supporting the view that code is an invaluable addition to any modern graphic designer’s toolbox, this talk will answer three questions:

* How is code applied through history within the field of graphic design?
* How will learning to code expand your creative potential?
* How can you use code as an integral part of your design process?

WARNING: Severe risk of getting your view on how you think, plan and execute design turned upside down!

Stig Møller Hansen is a PhD Candidate at The Danish School of Media and Journalism. He is researching how graphic designers can rethink and extend their skills in a computational context.

Calligraphic Letter Abstraction

Calligraphic Letter Abstraction is a workshop which offers participants insights into schriftkunstler Drury Brennan’s approach to letterform abstraction. A presentation will be given exploring the artist’s influences and overall thought process on the subject, after which a live demonstration and q & a will follow. Learn new ways to approach old forms! Have fun destroying and reconstructing your favorite letters! Come prepared to have fun and make beautiful mistakes.

Franz Geil, DJ’s
and FontShop treats you with 1000 free beer to celebtrate its 25th birthday">Get-together in the foyer
with Franz Geil, DJ’s
and FontShop treats you with 1000 free beer to celebtrate its 25th birthday

Typographic Chinese Whispers

Earlier this year, Typeradio led a workshop with Indra Kupferschmid’s graphic design students at HBK Saar in Saarbrücken, and type]media students at KABK The Hague, Netherlands. In what should be a fun and fast-paced talk, two type]media students present the occasionally beautiful, often surprising, and consistently interesting results of typefaces translated into abstract sound – and back into type.

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