Photo Credit: Amber Gregory

John Berry drew an audience by discussing a problem every designer encounters. No budget and possibly even *gasp* Kinko’s printing.

His discussion consisted of a series of pieces in which the designer had little to no budget but still succeeded to make it attractive. In most cases, the examples were 1 color print jobs that focused on typography to create effective yet interesting pieces.

John talked about juxtaposing contrast and hierarchy to organize the information in a unique way and using that to your advantage. One of his own personal tricks is to use what you have. He likes to utilize abstracted textures, create simple vector shapes, or find interesting letterforms from obscure design fonts and combine those with type to create interesting compositions. John also encouraged the audience to never doubt the power a bit of letterpress and peculiar paper or interesting paper shapes.

But his secret weapon? Space and having fun with tracking.

John Berry is a designer, editor, and typographer. He is the former editor of U&lc (Upper and lower case) and founding editor of U&lc Online. His current focus is on establishing standards of typographic excellence in e-books and other forms of digital publishing.

— posted by Brooke Francesi