Dylan Griffith

Dylan Griffith: Scale and Reach …

Dylan Griffith’s presentation actually took the form of an interview conducted by Adrian Shaughnessy, who tried to get an understanding of how and why Dylan got to where he is today both as Creative consultant for the MTV World Design Studio in Milan and also co-owner of a branding company called Smorgasbord.


Lawrence Weiner: An Artist To The Core

Lawrence Weiner spent most of his presentation talking about his life and work and also how he didn’t understand why he had been asked to attend the conference. He showed only a 5 minute silent film saying he was too intimidated by the presentations he had seen on Thursday to attempt his own. He is an artist to the core but is in awe of the work of some of the other speakers and once had the revelation “I can be friends with designers”.


Gary Hustwit: Urbanized

I seem to walk into Gary Hustwit’s presentation at exactly the right time just as he is beginning to talk about his latest film Urbanized. When Lynda Relph Knight questions him at the end of the presentation about his varied subject choices for each of his films Helvetica (typeface), Objectified (objects) and now Urbanized (urban spaces), he responds by saying that he makes films about things he is interested in and nobody can deny that! Every project which he discusses from the film seems to fill him with curiosity and awe and hope for the future.

Michael Bierut

Michael Bierut: The Creative Lexicon

As far as my limited searches have taken me, I believe that yesterday’s conference introduced two new terms into the already considerable lexicon of creativity and typography. I think it is right to take a few moments to place the terms and their loose definitions before the delegates for consideration and adoption. Two new entries in the creative lexicon. For your consideration.

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