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For over 20 years, FontBook™ has been the definitive source for researching and comparing original, professional-quality fonts. The FontBook Editorial Staff guarantees typographic and lexicographical competence of the highest order. In addition to documenting and classifying the typefaces of past centuries, we now use live, over-the-air updates to keep the data set up-to-date by adding new content releases on a regular basis.


Jessica Hische: letterer, illustrator, crazy cat lady and secret web designer

Jessica Hische, self confessed “letterer, illustrator, crazy cat lady and secret web designer” gave an energetic and hilarious talk to a full house last night as the closing speaker at the TYPO Berlin 2012 conference. After three days of stimulating talks, Hische was a fitting conclusion to the conference, entertaining the crowd with her bubbly personality and remarkable insight.

Elliot Jay Stocks

Elliot Jay Stocks: Tomorrow’s web type today

Let’s face the ugly truth: Typography on the web is still in an awful state. There may be countless positive things to be said about the internet, but fine typography is definitely not among them. In his talk on Friday, Matthew Butterick blamed this on low expectations: While most web developers (excuse the generalization) don’t care about good typography, most web designers have grown up with just a handful of fonts to choose from and still decide to stick to them. Consequently end users are accustomed to seeing bland, standard typefaces.


Petz Scholtus: Grün, grüner, am grünsten?

Kann gutes Design uns aus der ökologischen, finanziellen, emotionalen und sonstigen Krise führen? Petz Scholtus aus Barcelona begreift sich als Öko-Designerin und verweist einleitend auf die 10 Prinzipien von Dieter Rams aus den 70ern, um kurz darauf auf die Knappheit unserer Ressourcen zu verweisen und festzustellen: „good design is complicated“. Was für ein Ritt. Sie spricht schnell und hat die TYPO Hall auch schnell auf ihrer Seite.

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