Roger Law: The Art of Theft

Admittedly I was only vaguely familiar with Roger Law‘s work before attending his presentation at TYPO; hazy memories from my childhood of his rubbery-faced caricatures of politicians gesticulating wildly at me from my TV set. His presentation would be a retrospective of his work in parallel to that of other artists which had not only influenced him but who he had heavily referenced, or even stole from, in order to create his own work. It would be this concept of theft vs. true originality, which resonates so deeply with all artists and designers, that would be at the core of his thought-provoking, beautiful and often amusing look back at some of his most popular work.


Neon Muzeum Warschau

David Hill and Ilona Karwinska are the creators and directors of the Neon Muzeum in Warsaw. In initiating the museum, they undertook the mission of documenting and preserving Poland’s cold war era neon signs. The project started in 2005 with a photographic documentation project titled ‘Polish Neon’, and in 2012 the museum opened its doors for to the public.


Hup Hup Holland!

After Russia and Poland in 2013, the Netherlands are the partner country of TYPO Berlin this year. With Joost Grootens, Erik van Blokland, Paul van der Laan, Petr van Blokland, Peter Bil’ak and Gerrit Noordzij we have some veritable institutions of Dutch design in the program. In addition to this, we also have two exhibitions of graphic design from the Netherlands set up in the in the foyer of the HKW, which shouldn’t be missed! We would like to thank the Embassy of the Netherlands for their kind support.

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