© Sebastian Weiß / Monotype

Beautypunch: Magic with Logic and the Power of Scent

Beautypunch – Jürgen Mayknicht and Nicole Szekessy – are designers whose work focuses on  a different sense than most TYPO speakers – not sight, but smell. They are perfumers, designers of fragrances. Working with everything from personal scents to “corporate aromas”, they develop every aspect of a fragrance, from the scent itself to the packaging.

Sketchnote workshop with Nadine Roßa at TYPO Berli, 2016 © Norman Posselt / Monotype

Workshop: Sketchnotes mit Nadine Roßa

Manche sagen, vor lauter Fotos von Sketchnotes bricht Twitter bald zusammen – und Instagram gleich mit. „Sketchnoting“, diese Technik des visuellen Notierens, hat viele Fans und durch Nadine Roßas Workshop sind es noch ein paar Dutzend mehr geworden.


TYPO Conference Party Tonight, 10 pm

TYPO Night is always the final high point of the conference. This time we’ll be celebrating at Haus Ungarn at Alexanderplatz. Free for TYPO visitors, 10 € for guests. // Das Highlight zum Abschluss bildet wie immer die TYPO Night, die dieses Mal im Haus Ungarn am Alexanderplatz zu Gast ist.

Tarek Atrissi at TYPO Berlin

Workshop: Bilingual Arabic & Latin Monogram Design

When it comes to Arabic logo design, you will most often find it accompanied by Latin text. But it takes a great deal of sensitivity to combine two different scripts into a harmonic design. During the  Bilingual Arabic & Latin Monogram Design workshop, Tarek Atrissi challenged the participants to meld Latin and Arabic characters into unique and aesthetically pleasing typographical designs.

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