The jury of the first TYPO16×Adobe Portfolioshow: Vera-Maria Glahn, Isabel Urbina Peña, Matteo Bologna (from left to right). © Sebastian Weiß / Monotype

TYPO16×Adobe Portfolioshow

Almost 200 designers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland submitted their portfolios to compete in the first ever TYPO16×Adobe portfolio show. Five contestants made it into the finale and faced the critical questions of jury members Matteo Bologna, Vera-Maria Glahn and Isabel Urbina Peña.

© Sebastian Weiß / Monotype

Beautypunch: Magic with Logic and the Power of Scent

Beautypunch – Jürgen Mayknicht and Nicole Szekessy – are designers whose work focuses on  a different sense than most TYPO speakers – not sight, but smell. They are perfumers, designers of fragrances. Working with everything from personal scents to “corporate aromas”, they develop every aspect of a fragrance, from the scent itself to the packaging.

Sketchnote workshop with Nadine Roßa at TYPO Berli, 2016 © Norman Posselt / Monotype

Workshop: Sketchnotes mit Nadine Roßa

Manche sagen, vor lauter Fotos von Sketchnotes bricht Twitter bald zusammen – und Instagram gleich mit. „Sketchnoting“, diese Technik des visuellen Notierens, hat viele Fans und durch Nadine Roßas Workshop sind es noch ein paar Dutzend mehr geworden.

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