On today’s menu: the finest type cooking

While some people have their lunch and enjoy the sun outside, in the depths of the conference burrow a special workshop takes place, where you have to cook on your own. What might sound like a cooking-class or maybe a breaking-bad metaphor, actually is one of the most beloved parts of the TYPO. Like in the years before Eric van Blokland and Paul van der Laan guide you through your special recipe of drawing type.


Gemma O’Brien: Death to inspirational quotes

The designer, illustrator and letterer Gemma O’Brien who is based in Australia, but travels around the world a lot, gives us an inside into her work for the second time on the TYPO Berlin stage. She is the creator of “For the Love of Type” and splits her time between client work, speaking at conferences and creating wonderful handwritten art und murals.


Jamie Neely: How to make your way through the font fog?

Like with good wine, there can never be enough good type, referring to Adrian Frutiger’s answer to the question if we still need more typefaces. But to find your favorite bottle of the tasty red, you might need to take a few sips.
Huge diversity, all the details and possible combinations do not make it an easy decision to pick out the right typeface – and this is where it comes down to a good strategy.


Wie war ich? Feedback TYPO 2015

Nach den Talks um 16 Uhr werden unsere Feedback-Bögen verteilt. Lasst uns wissen, wie es Euch gefallen hat! Ausfüllen, am Info-Stand abgeben und ein Ticket zur TYPO 2016 gewinnen! /// After the talks at 4 p.m. we will spread our feedback sheets. Let uns know how you liked it! Fill out, leave it at the info desk and win a ticket for TYPO 2016!

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