No one embodies the conference theme "character" more than Aaron Draplin © Gerhard Kassner (Monotype)

Better Than Coffee: Aaron Draplin’s All-American Morning Show

Aaron James Draplin is quite a character. And there is nothing I could ever write in a blog post to give you even the slightest idea of the kind of pure energy Draplin gets going during his talks. So go watch the video, or, better still, go out of your way to see him live. Chances are he’ll come by a place near you any time soon, considering that so far he has been to 104 different cities and given 178 talks.

Jon Gray, London-based book cover designer © Bettina Ausserhofer (Monotype)

Jon Gray on Book Cover Cuisine and the “Safran-Foer-Thing”

If you read books chances are you have already held in your hands some of Jon Gray’s work. As gray318 he designs book covers and according to Steven Heller, Gray started the revival of hand-lettering with his 2002 cover for Jonathan Safran Foer’s novel “Everything is Illuminated”. In his talk at TYPO Berlin he compares book cover design to cooking to explain the raw materials and recipes of his work.

© Bettina Ausserhofer (Monotype)

Schon was vor? /// Any plans tonight?

Nach den drei letzten Vorträgen um 19 Uhr, entlassen wir euch heute in einen TYPO-freien Abend. Alte Freunde, neue Freunde und die, die es werden wollen, dürfen trotzdem den Abend gemeinsam verbringen. Wir haben ein paar Tipps für euch … /// After the last three talks at 7 p.m. we let you go to a TYPO free evening. Old friends, new friends and those who want to be, are free to spend the evening together anyway. We have some tips for you …
Jan Sowa spricht über die Dialektik des Designs © Gerhard Kassner (Monotype)

Jan Sowa: Avantgarde und die Dialektik des Designs

Was hat Hegel mit Einstein, Duchamp und dessen Ready-made „Fountain“ (ein Pissoir) zu tun? Keine Ahnung? Jan Sowa weiß es – schließlich ist er Soziologe, Philosoph und Design-Kritiker oder, wie er sich selbst nennt „a dialectical materialist cultural theorist“. Nicht zu verwechseln mit Terrorist. Das ist ihm wichtig.

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