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Kalligrafie Workshop mit Andreas Frohloff © Gerhard Kassner

Andreas Frohloff: Kalligrafie-Workshop

Rote Absperrbänder zäunen einen kleinen, rechteckigen Raum im Foyer ein. Eine Gruppe aus fünf Helfern legt Papier, Füller, Tusche und Wasserbecher an jeden der 20 Plätze – Vorbereitungen für den Workshop von Andreas Frohloff. Seit 2001 gibt er Kalligrafie-Unterricht auf der TYPO. Seine Kurse sind nach wie vor sehr beliebt. Kein Wunder bei einem so engagierten und begeisterungsfähigen Lehrer wie Frohloff.

© Gerhard Kassner (Monotype)

George Zisiadis: Designing for joy

George really wants to make you smile. Like REALLY really. Journey with him on a tour through his whimsical and playful world of interactive art. From turning heartbeats into music to flying mistletoe drones in public, see how his projects encourage fun.


Gemma O’Brien: Death to inspirational quotes

The designer, illustrator and letterer Gemma O’Brien who is based in Australia, but travels around the world a lot, gives us an inside into her work for the second time on the TYPO Berlin stage. She is the creator of “For the Love of Type” and splits her time between client work, speaking at conferences and creating wonderful handwritten art und murals.


Jamie Neely: How to make your way through the font fog?

Like with good wine, there can never be enough good type, referring to Adrian Frutiger’s answer to the question if we still need more typefaces. But to find your favorite bottle of the tasty red, you might need to take a few sips.
Huge diversity, all the details and possible combinations do not make it an easy decision to pick out the right typeface – and this is where it comes down to a good strategy.

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