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Jan Sowa spricht über die Dialektik des Designs © Gerhard Kassner (Monotype)

Jan Sowa: Avantgarde und die Dialektik des Designs

Was hat Hegel mit Einstein, Duchamp und dessen Ready-made „Fountain“ (ein Pissoir) zu tun? Keine Ahnung? Jan Sowa weiß es – schließlich ist er Soziologe, Philosoph und Design-Kritiker oder, wie er sich selbst nennt „a dialectical materialist cultural theorist“. Nicht zu verwechseln mit Terrorist. Das ist ihm wichtig.

Typo Berlin 2015 "Character"

Jon Burgerman: Encourage the ferret

The artist and illustrator Jon Burgerman enjoys “happy accidents”: Things that occur with no pre-warning, and demand you to come up with quick and delightful solutions. In his talk, he guides us through his light-hearted, funny world of doodled characters and everyday-observations.

Typo Berlin 2015 "Character"

Tina Roth Eisenberg: The best way to complain is to make things.

My job is “sitting behind a computer and laugh.” Tina Roth Eisenberg, also known as ‘swissmiss’, explains her principles how to live a happy and fulfilled work and personal life – filled with confetti, good people and the intent, to make things better. Her talk is a mix of advise from the heart, case studies and great stories of how she became an equally happy and successful person.


Heute Abend: Signierstunde mit Jan Bajtlik

Nach seinem Vortrag „No risk no fun – Für jung und alt: Die sonnige Seite der Typografie“ um 19 Uhr (Show) wird Jan Bajtlik eine Signierstunde vor dem Bücherbogen halten. /// Our speaker Jan Bajtlik will be there for you signing your copy of his book “Typo-Scrawler” at the book stand right after his talk (Show) at 7 P.M. /JR


Thomas Phinney: Font Detective 2: Extra Bold

Thomas Phinney is the Sherlock Holmes of the design world. His use of logic, extensive typography knowledge, history of ancient typographical machines and their uses are no match for any expert forger. Not even the government. Thomas Phinney talks about his three favorite font detective cases; the California frontier mailbag, a fake rabbi, and falsified memos from the Bush Administration’s National Guard Service.

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