New This Year: Type Track

Despite its name, the overall focus of TYPO is on design as a whole, not just typography. That said, we’re pleased to add a Type Track this year in the intimate, 100-seat screening room.

It’s not all smoke and mirrors. Learn some of the secrets to creating a successful business in typography on Friday with moderator Carima El-Behairy, of P22 Foundry, and five speakers who will address various aspects of the type industry. Bring your questions, they have answers.


Sean McBride

Sean is an engineer and product designer working at Adobe on Typekit in San Francisco. He joined Typekit in July 2010, where he has worked on improving browsing for fonts on the site, using fonts with third-party tools, and optimizing the delivery of fonts to browsers. He's happiest looking for…

Ivo Gabrowitsch

Ivo Gabrowitsch is the Marketing Director of the famous FontFont library, where he was in charge of the development and market launch of webfonts. The print and media engineer studied at the Beuth Academy in Berlin, after having worked for several years as media designer for different print and non-print…
Stephen Coles

Stephen Coles

Writer, Typographer (Oakland, California)

Stephen is a writer and typographer living in Oakland and Berlin. After six years at FontShop San Francisco as a creative director, he now publishes Fonts In Use, Typographica, and The Mid-Century Modernist, and consults with various organizations on type selection. Stephen is author of the book The Anatomy of Type.
Kochel, Travis_Original-1

Travis Kochel

Travis Kochel is a partner at Scribble Tone, a design studio based in Portland, Oregon. Their work explores intersections of typeface design, interactive experiences and branding. They are creators of FF Chartwell, a set of fonts to create simple graphs within text boxes. Published by FontFont in 2012, it has…

Nigel French

A former resident of the beautiful city of San Francisco, Nigel French is currently based in England, from whence he hails and where he works as a freelance graphic designer, trainer, and aspiring artist. His obsession with photographing type, especially mid-century American signage, seems to be getting worse. Lately he…