Jessica Hische: Uniting Nerds Through Typography!

Just as her url claims, Jessica Hische is awesome. The self-described Letterer, Illustrator, Crazy Cat Lady, and Secret Web Designer opened today’s TYPO SF with an inspiring overview of how, in just a few short years, she’s come from being “that drop cap girl,” and “that should I work for free flowchart girl,” to being one of today’s most well known and loved designers.

Jessica Hische unites nerds through typography at TYPO Connect | Photo Credit: Amber Gregory
Through what she calls “procrastiworking,” Jessica found that you have to pay attention to what you really love doing, and if you’re not doing it at work, find a career that involves more of what you enjoy doing every day. Her numerous and highly successful side projects, and the beautiful lettering she is most known far are a testament to how great your work can be when you truly love what you do.

Jessica shared a bit about her process as well, showing sketches and sharing influences. Inspired by the vast library of her mentor Louise Fili, she developed a philosophy for creating her lettering, which she describes as being akin to “drawing a friend from memory, rather than tracing a photo.” Influenced by the past, yet thoroughly modern and unique.

The TYPO SF audience got a preview of things to come, and Jessica has some more amazing work on the horizon. Be sure to check out her workshops at her studio Title Case.

Text — Jack Whittington


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