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1 August 2011

The map of the world craziest signages and our first TYPO London contest winner

At every TYPO conference we set up a competition to enable people to win tickets to each event. For TYPO London “Places” we have thought of something truly special. The more observant among us are sometimes confronted with irritating signs that are actually meant to help us get around, but don’t! Giving us the strangest sense of “Place” you could imagine. Sometimes they are funny themselves, sometimes they are just plain odd due to their environment and surroundings.

Our TYPO London contest celebrates just that: images of the most absurd, weirdest, most intricate overworked and funniest signs.

For the last week, people have been sending their pictures via email or phone to places@typolondon.com. Here are some of the funniest pictures we have already received (watch all last weeks entries):

We’re using this world map to store the amusing stories of our travels and holidays.

From now until the conference, we are giving away ONE ticket to TYPO London 2011 every week! And so that you can’t say, we don’t have no taste – the random generator will decide who has won.

And our random generator did decide for the first time – chosing out of 128 pictures that we received last week. Our first contest winner is Silvia Baz with her entry “way out only in emergency” – who is hopefully not (still) stuck in this underground station. Congrats Silvia!

If you want to win a TYPO London ticket, just email your pictures to places@typolondon.com (the name of the picture goes into the subject area, the location into the content area of your email). You will be sent a password functioning as the password for your MyTYPO-Login, which you will need for uploading, editing or deleting your contest entries, and later on for viewing your myTYPO-programme.

New week – new game!

8 July 2011

Creative Mornings London

Creative Mornings opened up in London today with the first presentation by Michael Johnson, founder of Johnson Banks and speaker at TYPO Berlin Shift in May. Michael is of course not to be confused with similar creative super brain, Michael B Johnson, R&D Lead at Pixar Animation Studios, who is speaking at TYPO London Places in October. The oversubscribed event was hosted by Drew Smith at Sense Worldwide’s Wardour Street loft presentation space and featured a brief message from Tina Roth Eisenberg, before Michael’s twenty minute presentation on creative ideas. TYPO London Blog admits a sense of pride at the event’s success may be somewhat coloured by the news that Creative Mornings Berlin will be hosted by the TYPO Berlin team and opening soon.

Swiss Miss – Tina Roth Eisenberg welcomes London creatives

Michael Johnson fields questions after his presentation

29 June 2011

16 years of TYPO in 8 minutes.

You don’t know what a TYPO feels like? Get to know the spirit of the TYPO conferences in this short movie.

It started as FUSE94 in London, became FUSE95 in Berlin, developed to the annual TYPO Berlin Design Conference and opens its newest chapter as TYPO London 2011. 16 years of conferences, 750 international top-class speakers, more than 22.000 attendees, over 1000 talks. See them all…

After 16 years of TYPO Berlin, TYPO returns to it’s roots. A-list speakers from the world of typography, information, graphic and digital design, brand experience, film, animation, publishing and education attract visitors to come to the design-capital London.

Confirmed speakers so far are: Neville Brody, Chip Kidd, Michael Bierut, Joachim Sauter, Marina Willer, König Bansah, Tim Fendley, Nat Hunter, Gary Hustwit, Michael B Johnson, Morag Myerscough, Pamela Mead, Karin von Ompteda, Julian Zimmermann, Jeff Faulkner & Lawrence Weiner.

Directed by Robert Schatton; Photographers: Gerhard Kassner, Marc Eckardt, Alexander Blumhoff, Jürgen Siebert; Music by Brigitte Bijoux (Coquille), Pirata (Sinus Rhythm), Apes on Tapes (Da Try Bute), Soundroll (A Way To The Top) & Urbob (Panneborn).

29 June 2011

Lawrence Weiner joins the Speakers roster

Here’s a short film about conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner, by film maker David Hillman Curtis. Lawrence has just been announced as a new speaker for TYPO London 2011.

27 June 2011

Be quick and avoid disappointment!

Don’t wait to book a ticket for TYPO London 2011! The 1st period of early bird discounts ends on June 30th: £390 (excl. VAT) for professionals and £190 (incl. VAT) for students!

15 June 2011

Reflections from the Pregnant Oyster

The dust is now settling on TYPO Berlin 2011 “Shift”, the sixteenth annual international design conference. If you didn’t go, and wanted to find out what happened, you could look at the twitter stream @typoconf (which is now focussing on TYPO London), reference the twitter hash tag #typo11, or read the typo blog , (for which you’ll need to be a German speaker), or you could look at Eva-Lotta Lamm’s fantastic sketch book which is a drawn diary of the event and is probably best viewed on her flickr stream. During the event itself, I even watched Robin Kinross discuss anarchist publishing concepts and Petr van Blockland muse over the future for designers as keynotes via the livestream service on the TYPO Berlin website. The first viewing was in the foyer at the Kongresshalle itself, the latter in the stuffy confines of my Wilmersdorf hotel room, as I tested the capabilities of the feed externally. Of course all of this virtual correspondence and the opportunity to see speakers post presentation reflections on You Tube (try Michael Johnson for example), great as they undoubtedly are as are as a reference, are nothing compared to the real thing.

I can even say that even having worked with Tim Fendley, founder of Applied Information Group and future speaker at TYPO London, for ten consecutive years, that I learned a great deal from watching and listening to his presentation on the Legible London project. For many people signs are… well just signs. Ubiquitous and authoritative, their very placement and implementation implies that they are the last word on directional information and a sense of place. Tim’s presentation quickly established otherwise. In fact I’m not sure I can look at another sign without questioning the usefulness of the information contained within it now. I’m now aware of a process that we as humans go through to understand where we are and where we’re going, with Tim linking the mental models people build to understand to an area of the brain that stores directions and information concerning place, directions and locations. If you have ever traveled in an official black London taxi, your driver will have passed a test called ‘the knowledge’ which enables him/her to find the quickest and most economic route from the point of pick-up to the desired destination. According to Tim’s research London cab drivers have been found to have an enlarged area of the brain where this information is stored. So the moral of this story is that when in London, use the public transport system, walk using Applied Information Group’s designed maps placed on mono or miniliths in the street, or take a black cab when you come to TYPO London 2011 “Places”.

Tim Fendley "People, Places, Things... and the London 'Knowledge'

TYPO Berlin is not so hard to find. Set in the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, on the edge of the Spree and the Tiergarten it was designed in 1957 by the American architect Hugh Stubbins Jr. The hall is famous for hosting John F. Kennedy and was the United States gift to a divided cold-war Berlin. A magnificent venue and modernist icon, the building was known by a previous generation as “Kennedy’s Smile”, to modern Berliners as “The Pregnant Oyster” and to politicians as the Kongresshalle. Within this context, TYPO Berlin was its usual fantastic eclectic mix of presentations and is highly recommended for anyone wanting to see Berlin in the spring.

The Pregnant Oyster from John-Foster-Dulles-Allee

The Kongresshalle from the Spree

An expectant audience in the main auditorium

8 June 2011

Announcing TYPO London

Part of the team behind TYPO London, took to the stage at its big sister conference, TYPO Berlin 2011 “Shift”, late last month to formally announce the new TYPO conference and venue, “Places” 2011 at the Logan Hall, University of London, set for 20-22 October.

FontShop CEO Jürgen Siebert introduced the London Conference Directors Robin Richmond and Tim Fendley, former founders of MetaDesign in London, with Simone Wolf, who will take the stage as a conference moderator to the audience.

In many ways TYPO is ‘coming home’ to London. Europe’s most successful annual design conference was founded in 1996 from the impetus created by the first two FUSE Conferences in London 1994 and Berlin 1995. The Berlin FUSE conference created the impetus and demand for TYPO and it is fitting that Neville Brody, founder of FUSE, was announced as a speaker for London from the stage. Tim Fendley then followed up with a presentation, voted the fourth best of the “Shift” by conference delegates, on the main stage exploring the work his consultancy, Applied Information Group, had under taken to help people navigate the city of London while walking, through the Legible London initiative.

The Berlin TYPO/Font Shop team led by Berlin Conference Director of Operations, Bernd (Benno) Rudolf, who will oversee the development and smooth implementation of the event, which will run in two adjacent spaces, The Logan Hall and Jeffrey Hall within the Institute of Further Education, Bedford Way, London. Tickets are currently available through the TYPO London website: www.typolondon.com and early bird rates are available for the month of June, so book now to avoid disappointment.

Right to left: Jürgen Siebert, Simone Wolf, Robin Richmond, Tim Fendley

Tim Fendley "People 1.0"

31 March 2011

Bierut in London

There’s a moment in planning a conference when the team get together and brainstorm on the location, the dates, the theme and who would be a good speakers. Early on the process Michael Bierut’s name came up and everyone agreed that it would be great to ask him to speak. Then the plans for the conference came together and Michael’s name was always attached to the idea of TYPO London 2011 “Places”. Eventually the invites to speakers went out and it occurred to me that there was a possibility Michael could decline the invitation.

Sure enough Michael was busy – he’s at another conference in October and speakers have lives and businesses to run. But thankfully Michael moved some things around and he will be a key speaker for this inaugural conference. As a Partner in Pentagram, he has worked on many projects that would fit with our conference theme “Places”.

Just the other day I saw a link Michael had posted onto his Facebook account, to a Wall Street Journal book review for Helvetica and the New York Subway System by Paul Shaw. The following day he posted a link mentioning his work for United Airlines in Chicago. We don’t have a clear idea of what our speakers will cover at this stage of the conference’s development, but one thing is for sure Michael has a few options.

I’m very much looking forward to hear Michael speak and when I was discussing the event with Adrian Shaughnessy he felt we would sell half the tickets alone in terms of the interest he will generate. Roll on 20th October…

31 March 2011

Looking for Erik

Erik Spiekermann is a regular performer on the TYPO stage and the TYPO team is delighted to announce that Erik will head up our team of Conference moderators at TYPO London 2011 “Places”.

I caught up with Erik last week at the Private View of his one-man exhibit, Erik Spiekermann | The Face of Type, at the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin. I was late getting to the show but it was probably a good thing as the place was full to the brim with Erik’s acolytes, friends, colleagues and members of the Berlin design scene. The exhibit was similarly packed into the space with examples of Erik’s personal work as a Typeface designer, his book designs and projects for Edenspiekermann, United Designers, FontShop and MetaDesign. If you get the opportunity to go, the show runs until 6 June, so you could drop by if you’re going to TYPO Berlin Shift this year in May.

Erik is a passionate communicator and an honorary Londoner. He is a sometime resident of Stoke Newington and has been visiting the UK since England won the World Cup in 1966. Delegates and speakers alike will find Erik’s humour and opinions are seldom kept to himself and he is an accomplished moderator and conference speaker alternating from English to Deutsch at a moments notice.

Erik has recently been awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the German Design Council and there are several stories, links and feeds on Erik’s personal blog as well as an interesting short film entitled ‘Graphic design can change your life’, which is a revealing cameo for those who have never come across Erik or heard him speak.

Bauhaus Archive | Erik Spiekermann | The Face of Type


30 March 2011

Welcome to our Blog

We are pleased to announce that TYPO London is opening in London in October 2011. TYPO conferences are international design events hosted and by FontShop in Germany. TYPO Berlin has been one of Europe’s most successful design conferences since 1995, hosting a who’s who of the biggest names in design with appearances from an amazing array of creative talent from Adrian Frutiger to Günter Gerhard Lange and Gerard Unger talking type; to Wim Crouwel, Tibor Kalman and Javier Mariscal speaking on design; to Ian Anderson, Neville Brody and David Carson exploring new visual langauges.

So as you can see TYPO London is not really that new, especially if you consider that TYPO Conferences originated from the FontShop organised FUSE Conferences that ran in London in 1994 and Berlin in 1995.

Each conference is dedicated to a different theme. Previous years’ presentations can be viewed on our Video Blog. The theme for this years TYPO London 2011 is “Places” and the TYPO London team is inviting a broad selection of speakers and presentations from architects, urban planers, information designers, graphic designers, brand agencies, digital designers, UX professionals and interaction designers. We also have speakers from the film industry and keynotes will vary from the physical to the metaphorical understanding of “Places”.

You can explore web pages from previous years TYPO conferences in the TYPO Archive.

Starting from today, we’ll keep a regular update of news for TYPO London 2011.


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