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Sander Neijnens

Sander Neijnens (1957) lives and works as a graphic designer in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Besides commissioned work he writes and publishes books about specific subjects as the design of shirt numbers and the enchanting sound of the Giulietti accordion.

In 2007 Sander made a design for a poem of Nick J. Swarth that was going to be published on a wall. It was the beginning of the project Plekgedichten (On-site poems). Until now, about 17 of these poems were realised in the public space. In some of them Sander uses his typeface Mrs. Trees. The typeface is a great tool to visualize and construct texts that are built with isomorphous objects: type that can be touched.

During TYPO Berlin 2013 Sander Neijnens will tell how Mrs. Trees was born and raised. Together with Nick J. Swarth he will construct an on-site poem at the HKW.

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How Mrs. Trees was born and raised

TYPO Berlin 2013TYPO Berlin 2013, 18.05.2013, 16:00 Uhr (Show)

In 2007 poet Nick J. Swarth and Sander Neijnens started the project “On-site Poetry. They create poems in the public space that are related to the specific location. For this project Sander designed the typeface Mrs. Trees as an aid to ‘write’ with objects (e.g. apples, flowers, grave lights). Mrs. Trees is a source of inspiration for touching typography.