About »Character«

The muscular system of the psyche

Flexibility is a magic word in the industrial and marketing sectors. However, neither a flexible person nor a flexible brand is able to develop an individual character. This is something that requires long-term trust. Instead, even a peek into the wonderland of the fast buck is already regarded as success. Long live superficiality.

Am I Gucci or Prada? Is a Mercedes Benz really the car for me? Show me your smartphone and I’ll tell you who you are! When differences in product quality are minimal, the brand decides. It defines itself using colour, form and letters, also referred to in English as ›characters‹.

At TYPO Berlin 2015, Character and Characters come together. More than 50 experts from the areas of design, communications, typography and psychology will be presenting strategies against a culture of superficiality. Character is not an inborn trait, it is formed. Character is power. Character is strength. Or as one wise Indian saying goes: »A good character is like a diamond, able to cut through any stone.«

With: Gemma O’BrienErik KesselsJosh HigginsAaron Draplin, Oliver Reichenstein, Tina Roth Eisenberg, Prof. Manfred Hild, Francesco Franchi, Jon Burgerman and many more

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